From a mixture of red clay, fire resistant "da fiamma", we create, pots and pans. "le forme" modern evolution of an antique handcraft tradition based on a natural and healty cooking of food leaving to it, unaltered,nutritious principles.
"Le Forme" recall to a beautiful "kitchen" colorful tableware or to furnish the home given results and brightness to your "credenza", "table" or in any other corner of your house.
The excellence of the kitchen into the field of the home furnishing as well as an "optimum\ usefull gift, unique and absolutely special.
the supreme nature, through her 4 elements, earth, air, water and fire dances without interruption up to the creation of the product you just have discovered.

best compliments!

Le Forme


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Padiglione 7 3-11 Marzo 2012, Umbria Fiere di Bastia Umbra.